Supplier conduct

Shelve believes that it is a fundamental duty to manage the business in an ethical and responsible way, to treat stakeholders with honesty and
integrity, to respect the environment and animals and to provide safe products of excellent quality.

This duty is also extended to all suppliers, for whom conduct based on the principles of loyalty and transparency is required.

Suppliers are required to comply with the laws and regulations applicable in the countries in which they operate, including the law of
labour, human rights, health and safety, environmental liability, anti-corruption, animal health and welfare, safety and quality of products and

Shelve believes that a transparent and ethical relationship approach is essential. Therefore, each Supplier is carefully selected and its conduct is monitored over time.

Suppliers are required to comply with all applicable safety regulations in relation to the products and services provided and any
contractually agreed safety requirements.

In order to provide products and/or services that constantly satisfy the needs of customers, that offer guaranteed benefits and are
suitable for the purpose for which they were created, Suppliers must meet generally accepted industry standards or contractually agreed quality requirements.

The Suppliers to which Shelve turns are considered and treated like partner to all the effects and their work must not enter in contrast with those
that are the business values.