About us


Shelve was established in 1998 with the aim of providing customized technology products. Since then, progress in this area has made great strides and Shelve hand in hand has offered innovative services and products, confirming its ability to adapt to a constantly changing market.


Every day we work with the purpose of being active agents and actors of the technological changes of a rapidly evolving market.Enthusiasm and passion for our job, seriousness and reliability, respect for timelines and optimized management of the internal processes are the ingredients that allow us to offer our customers products that are beautiful and original with respect to the design and that are contemporarily functional from the technological point of view, never forgetting the respect of the delivery terms and the offer of the best quality-price ratio.


ISO9001 Certification
It guarantees the correct management system for the quality of the CD duplication and printing services, customized usb pen drives, vinyl and memorisation storages in general.

Shelve is authorized by S.I.A.E. (with license contract FB/099/04) to use the SIAE catalogue for the manufacturing of the magnetic, solid and optical storage on behalf of a third party.

It is the world’s biggest community of verified and unalterable reviews, every day it helps online users making safe purchase based on true reviews, free from any influence.

Mepa is the italian public administration e-marketplace. Our company after a rigid selective process is enabled to sell through this portal.

Our team


Business model and value

The ingredients allowing Shelve to operate with success in the optical storage market since twenty years and to become, shortly, a point of reference in the usb pen drives market too, must be searched for in the respect of high quality standards and of ethical principles at every step of the value creation processThe main purpose of our company is the conservation of excellent standards in the sectors in which it operates.

Excellence, according to our company vision, can be reached not only by offering a very high quality product but also by putting on the first place values like honesty, respect, reliability and transparency towards the customer, even when this clashes with the company profits.

By saying this we are not stating that the achievement of profit is a deplorable goal, that must be blamed or condemned, on the contrary, the healthy economical situation of an organization is a basic element for its survival with the passing of time.

We also have, like any other companies, the ambition to grow from a economical point of view but we do not place profit above our ethical values inspired by the principles of loyalty and trustworthiness toward our customer.